The future of Power Management - together with Activities

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Sun Oct 2 18:58:28 BST 2011

On Sunday 02 October 2011 19:51:11 Stefan Majewsky wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 7:32 PM, Dario Freddi <drf54321 at> wrote:
> > I will conclude the argument by saying that the
> > skepticals can now check out, in kde-workspace, my branch dafre/new-
> > powerdevil, which is implementing everything I said (new applet, new
> > profile handling) except for activities, which hopefully will be coming
> > this week. You can see with your own eyes you can still tweak everything
> > you could tweak before. And the UI finally looks good.
> Could someone with a build of that please post some screenshots, for
> those of us how take power management seriously by not letting their
> computer stay up all night building kde-workspace? I feel that this
> could help the discussion stay on-topic.

I am about to do a blog post+screencast. With that, I'd like to say that I am 
probably one of the guys who takes it more seriously, so I usually don't like 
to introduce changes which cause your PC to consume as much energy as half of 
the United States.

Last time I'm being polemic on this thread, but to me it seems that people who 
"take power management seriously" still need to get a clue about what a user 
space daemon can do, should do, and how. I still haven't found a "you're 
right" after a thousand times I've been explaining the only real saver you can 
configure is brightness, and this kinda concerns me. One thing is caring or 
taking seriously, one thing is knowing what one is talking about, and I would 
love if this discussion had been more informed from the start.

> Greetings
> Stefan


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