The future of Power Management - together with Activities

Dario Freddi drf54321 at
Sun Oct 2 18:47:19 BST 2011

On Sunday 02 October 2011 19:34:42 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> That leaves out the use-case of not wanting to inhibit all aspects of
> the current power-save mode, but only a part by switching to a different
> mode that is similar but differs in one or two aspects. I can think for
> example for powersave-for-movie mode that dims display (because the
> movie is shown on a TV) but does not suspend to ram/disk or turn off
> monitors. Requiring people to create an activity for that even if thats
> the only one (besides the one they use all the time otherwise) is
> a regression compared to the current state.

Starting from the fact that your video player (if it's a KDE one) is likely to 
inhibit screen power management, hence making your concern invalid, thanks to 
the new RandR integration, if you have an external display connected, you can 
now simply close the lid: the screen will be blanked and the PC will not be 
suspended. So we are already doing the right thing in this case.


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