The future of Power Management - together with Activities

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On Saturday 01 October 2011 21:03:10 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> What happens if I don't use activities at all since they provide no use
> for me? And whats also not clear to me: How can I get powermanagement
> configured so it never dims down my screen brightness (since thats
> making the display useless for me) even on low battery? Can I still
> adjust what lid-down does in ac, no-ac and low-battery mode (the latter
> currently goes into suspend-to-disk as opposed to ram)? Can I still
> configure for each profile when it does the suspend? Can I still choose
> what "low battery" means?
> I agree though that 2 'low' levels are more or less useless, once the
> battery is reaching a very low level I just want the machine to do a
> suspend to disk.


Let's try to answer this concern once at all: the possibility of editing 
profiles will NOT be thrown away. To make it easier, here's how the new config 
UI will work. Take a new KDE installation, open the profile configuration 
dialog, and forget about the actions at the bottom of the list (new profile, 
delete profile, etc.). That's pretty much how the UI will look like: you will 
have 3 profiles, one for each state (AC, Battery, Low Battery) you can 
configure to your purposes.

In addition, you have a separate section where you can override some settings 
based on which activity you are in. It's exactly like it is now, except you 
can not MANUALLY change the profile (e.g. by using the applet)

> Andreas


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