The future of Power Management - together with Activities

Torgny Nyblom nyblom at
Sat Oct 1 19:50:30 BST 2011

On Saturday 01 October 2011 20.33.06 Andras Mantia wrote:
> On Saturday, October 01, 2011 16:27:48 Dario Freddi wrote:
> > Hello all, and sorry for cross-posting.
> > 
> >  [...]
> I can't comment on activities, never used them, nor feel the need to use
> them. So this sounds more like the power management applet would force
> me to create and use activites.
>  What I can say that I use the selection combo between the different
> power management schemes from time to time, as I can do the same thing
> (e.g developing so not anything like now I develop and then switch to
> mail reading/watching a movie), but depending on the battery status and
> the known time until I can recharge the battery, I can tweak the power
> management setting. There is no way any software could guess when will I
> be able to recharge my battery.


Please do not force me to use activites to set power management options.
Also please do not remove the possibility to change how a certain state should 
look like. So far I've always changed the "on battery" profile.

Torgny Nyblom
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