adding a runtime dependency into KDELIBS

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Wed Nov 23 23:42:52 GMT 2011

El Dimecres, 23 de novembre de 2011, a les 00:00:29, Alex Fiestas va escriure:
> We're in the process of merging a review which will partly fix the sad
> situation of MTP/MPI/iPod devices in libsolid, the review I'm talking
> about is:
> This as far as I know was (is) working with the linux-deprecated HAL
> backend, so is something we urge to fix.
> This patch adds support for media-player-info which is basically what
> replaces some features HAL has in the new u* stuff.
> So, Can I give the ship it for this patch? can we add an optional
> runtime dependency to kdelibs 4.7.x ?

I don't see this adding any kind of dependency from the POV of code, that is, 
it does not do qprocess nor the likes, so can you explain what the "optional 
runtime dependency" means here?

Also Kevin's code looks like copied/duplicated "aka bad stuff".


> Thanks.

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