[proposal] Move all of the ksecretsservice components into kdeutils/ksecrets

Valentin Rusu kde at rusu.info
Sat Nov 12 11:04:28 GMT 2011

On 11/12/2011 11:55 AM, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> And that's where my question comes from, I thought the consensus with the
> involved parties after that new discussion was for a new repository, but I
> might have missed something.
> So that was the intent of my previous email, now that the red flag got
> raised for inclusion in kdelibs master,
> Maybe the red flag for kdelibs can indeed be discussed again ?
> I mean, AFAIK, there will be a kdelibs 4.8 release, as stated by Dirk several
> times here and on other lists.
> If there is code right now which is working with the current kdelibs, reviewed
> and OKed (as ksecretsservice is), what exactly is the argument for not letting
> it in, and release it together with the kdelibs 4.8 ?
> It doesn't add extra work for the kdelibs 4.x branch, and it doesn't create
> extra work for integrating it with the frameworks branch.
That's correct, thanks Alex.

However, I should remove the ksecretsserviced from kde-runtime and let 
it go the the ksecrets repository, under kdeutils. And I'll do it later 

Valentin Rusu (IRC valir, KDE vrusu)
KSecretsService (former KSecretService, KWallet replacement)

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