[proposal] Move all of the ksecretsservice components into kdeutils/ksecrets

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at kde.org
Sat Nov 12 08:37:53 GMT 2011

On Saturday 12 November 2011 08:12:27 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> We definitely do want your ksecretsservice work ASAP and I don't see why it
> can't be in kdelibs where it belongs.
*sigh* could we please stop adding this whining about the frozen kdelibs in 
each thread on kde-core-devel.

Yes we got that you want to have kdelibs open. Yes other people disagree on it 
and did a decision. It does not help your case by bringing up the discussion 
again and again. And it is completely unrelated to this thread here.

If the module generates a circular dependency, then name it and propose an 
alternative which is a separate repo which does not bring in a circular 

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