[proposal] Move all of the ksecretsservice components into kdeutils/ksecrets

Valentin Rusu kde at rusu.info
Sat Nov 12 00:01:15 GMT 2011


As you may already know, the ksecretsservice API merging to the 
kdelibs/4.7 branch was no longer an acceptable solution because of 
recent frameworks related decisions. It was suggested to put it into 
it's separate repository, alongside with the 
kde-runtime/ksecretsserviced I also merged yesterday.

After thinking twice, I'd like to bring these components into the 
kdeutils/ksecrets repository.
Are you ok with this?

A possible issue if that's ok for you: the kdeutils/kwallet will depend 
on this repository and it contains guard code to exclude 
ksecretsservice-related code if qca not found - that will be extended to 
the case ksecrets repository will not be found. This raises the problem 
of module dependencies: kdelibs needs to be built first, but if ksecrets 
was not compiled first, the required headers will not be there and as 
such kwallet will not have the ksecretsservice-related code.
That looks like a circular reference :-) I'll discuss this on the next 
frameworks irc meeting or maybe a solution for this kind of situation 
already exists?


Valentin Rusu (IRC valir, KDE vrusu)
KSecretsService (former KSecretService, KWallet replacement)

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