[announce] KSecretsService into it's way to be released

Valentin Rusu kde at rusu.info
Fri Nov 11 11:05:40 GMT 2011

On 11/11/2011 09:52 AM, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Friday, November 11, 2011 00:26:23 Valentin Rusu wrote:
>> Please be informed that KSecretsService components were included into
>> the main repositories as follows:
> evidently there was a failure somewhere, and i'll take responsibility for it
> because probably i should have noticed this was going to be merged imminently
> and, as with all the other feature addition requests to the KDE/4.7 branch,
> said something.
Ok for that. However, something must have changed "on route" (as 
discussed on IRC) as I formerly remember we even decided together by 
mail about kde-workspace vs kde-runtime for the daemon. Also, in Randa 
we clearly discussed about the new API being part of the kdelibs. 
However, I also have my part of responsibility in not being more close 
to the frameworks work. But please understand I'm working fulltime 
elsewhere and I try to keep my involvement to a controlled level in 
order not to disturb those working full-time on KDE, as you do.
> this functionality should not have been put into KDE/4.7. it should not have
> been put into kderuntime, either. all of the code should have appeared in a
> git repository of its own, lib and runtime requirements together.
> i do recall writing emails about this in previous threads requesting reviews
> on ksecretservice. what pains me is that one of the KSS authors was at the
> Randa meeting and well aware of what work is happening in kdelibs. :/
That's me. And, once again, our mail exchanges were not about putting it 
in a separate repo, sorry for that. And I'm not having a preference for 
not having a separate repo. I only want to get this new feature to the 
first testers, and hopefully moving along to providing the 
synchronization tool I initially wanted to do for KWallet.
> in any case, i'm not sure how to proceed from here. i don't want to demotivate
> you, and i would love to see KWallet start to use this ASAP (though with
> ksecretservice as a separate repo, i don't see how).
> what i would have suggested, had i been more on the ball on this one, is to
> put it in the frameworks branch (as this is definitely frameworks 5 work at
> this point in time) in a directory of its own, lib+runtime requirements. since
> it does not rely on libkdeui, it can be built before libkdeui even right now
> and kwallet can then use it.
Yes, I'll take that suggestion. But is the frameworks branch working 
right now?
Is it possible to use it as the main desktop session on my computer, on 
a day-to-day basis?
If yes, I'll do that move, if not, I'll stay with the current setup 
until it'll become usable, then I'll do the switch.
Please note I'm committed to maintain this feature.
But I need more help with getting it tested/bug reports.
> later when libkdeui is separated out into its own repo, then ksecretservice
> can then follow as well.
> as i said, i'm not sure how to proceed in a way that will work best for those
> who have done so much hard work up to this point. please advise what would be
> workable for you and those working on ksecretservice, taking into
> consideration is you can what our goals are with frameworks 5 in terms of
> delivery schedule and focus.
FYI, Telepathy team is waiting for this new feature to be released. They 
are my first "real" users and already provided some feedback/bug reports 
about the deamon.

Valentin Rusu (IRC valir, KDE vrusu)
KSecretsService (former KSecretService, KWallet replacement)

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