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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Wed Nov 2 10:43:38 GMT 2011

Hi Andrew,

there haven't been any responses since your first email.
Since you wrote "Kleopatra.exe" I would suggest you send to the kde-windows 
list instead.


On Wednesday, 2011-11-02, Andrew Birch wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I posted the below to kde-devel at kde.org<mailto:kde-devel at kde.org> before I
> was a member of the list so I'm not sure whether it got through or not.
> Hence, I thought I re-post now I am a member - I would appreciate any
> advice.
> Thanks very much in anticipation,
> Andy
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> From: Andrew Birch
> Sent: 27 October 2011 12:06
> To: 'kde-devel at kde.org'
> Cc: Mark Hazeldine
> Subject: Kleopatra Locking Clipboard
> Hi there,
> Application: Kleopatra (Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI)
> Version: 2.1.0
> KDE Version: 4.1.4
> I am a developer who is working on a piece of software that accesses the
> Clipboard. I am experiencing a problem whereby when trying to access the
> Clipboard an ExternalException is thrown with the following error message:
> 'The requested clipboard operation did not succeed'. As a result, I did
> some diagnostic work to try to work out which application was locking the
> Clipboard. There seem to be a number of different applications that
> sometimes lock it (presumably whilst they have access to it).
> However, the worst offender seems to be Kleopatra.exe. By 'worst' I mean it
> seems to persistently lock the Clipboard and thus blocks our application
> from accessing it. We are not actively using Kleopatra when this problem
> occurs; it is just running in the background. Also, interestingly this
> problem does not always seem to happen; sometimes Kleopatra doesn't seem
> to access/lock the Clipboard.
> I was wondering if you might know why this is and if there is anything we
> can do to prevent Kleopatra.exe from persistently accessing the Clipboard?
> Thanks,
> Andy

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