Objections to stop creating nightly tarballs from svn?

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at gmail.com
Sun May 22 03:02:49 BST 2011

Michael Pyne wrote:
> Perhaps this is ironic, but kdesrc-build does *not* at this point support
> snapshots for git modules (even hosted on git.kde.org) because I assume
> (and this is just my assumption) that the cost of generating the snapshot
> would be a net loss for the git.kde.org server.

The snapshots will keep being generated whether kdesrc-build uses them or 
not, so you won't be causing any more server load.

The main advantage of using the snapshots for the initial clone is that you 
can resume aborted downloads via the usual HTTP mechanisms, which is not 
possible via git://.


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