Git Worflow, branch creation.

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Thu May 19 17:48:30 BST 2011

Ben Cooksley wrote:

> Doesn't apply to KDE repositories, as performing a rebase involves a
> force push, which initiates the damage prevention area of our hooks.
> This triggers creation of a "backup ref" protecting the contents of
> the old ref from being affected by a gc, and ensures they are always
> reachable.
> It is a protective measure to guard against malicious force pushes or
> branch deletions. (Note that git doesn't fetch backup refs normally)

This is interesting. Has this always been the case? I don't remember this 
coming up in previous discussions about rebases and force pushes. Can this 
feature be limited to release branches (master, x.y.z), just out of 

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