Qt5 -> KDE5?

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Tue May 10 09:04:34 BST 2011

On Monday, May 9, 2011 20:17:37 Alberto Mattea wrote:
> 3) Core apps, or "shall we change again everything?". It took at least 3
> minor releases (or 2 years since KDE 4.0) to have a fully crash-free
> experience with the plasma shell. Now it looks fantastic, it is modular
> (desktop, netbook, media centre) and light (it is usable on an 800 Mhz
> pentium III). I would hope for a stable 5.0 release, also in connection
> with point 1). So I'd say don't start again from scratch: the current base
> is solid, extendable, users recognize it. Changement is not necessarily for
> good.

because people seem to love hearing me repeat it, let me say it again:

when starting plasma, i kept saying that in starting from scratch on those 
pieces i wanted to make something that enabled us to not have to do such a 
thing again. i think we (the greatly dedicated Plasma team) have achieved that 
as much as is reasonably possible.

and so we have zero intention of starting from scratch. none. zilch. nadda. 
not a bit. it's a dead parrot. forget about it.

i've blogged about our plans for libplasma2 and how we want to handle the 
switch from QGraphicsScene to QML without rewriting, e.g., plasma-desktop. 
that means it will continue to have QWidget legacy for the forseeable future 
as we focus on new development that needs attention, which will be done in 

we have already been putting together plans, including documenting them 
feature by feature in iceScrum, so everyone can see them. these range from a 
whole host of libplasma to changes to things like "move the screen locker into 
the window manager where it belongs".

libplasma2 will be binary incompatible with libplasma1, will focus on QML and 
we will have a second library for Plasma apps that continue to use the QWidget 
centric bits.

we are not starting from scratch.

oh, and have i mentioned, we're not starting from scratch? ;)

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