Qt5 -> KDE5?

Jonathan Marten jjm2 at keelhaul.demon.co.uk
Mon May 9 21:20:02 BST 2011

Alberto Mattea <alberto at mattea.info> writes:
> 2) Binary compatibility. It has taken four years to port most KDE3 apps to the 
> new infrastructure, and some (like Kooka) never did it. Many projects just 

Er, just for info Kooka did finally make it to a KDE4 port (although
not as an official part of KDE SC):  http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Kooka

> 3) Core apps, or "shall we change again everything?". It took at least 3 minor 
> releases (or 2 years since KDE 4.0) to have a fully crash-free experience with 
> the plasma shell. Now it looks fantastic, it is modular (desktop, netbook, 

Let's not do this again, please.  When I first started using KDE as my
primary Linux desktop it was a few months before the release of KDE2.
KDE1 was usable but limited, but KDE2 was a huge improvement and it
was usable immediately.  Same with KDE3, again a huge improvement over
KDE2 and usable immediately.  But KDE4 was nothing like that; I'd been
watching the state of trunk fairly closely and waiting, and it was 2.5
years from the first release of 4.0 until the desktop was stable
enough for me to use in day-to-day work.  I'm still not using KMail
(the one application that *really* has to be reliable) from KDE4 yet.

Yes, I know the official line at the time was that KDE 4.0 was a
"technology preview" release and not yet finished.  But, despite that
advice, all of the distros started shipping it and every magazine and
blogger started reviewing it, with much negative publicity (some of it

KDE 5.0 has to be ready, reliable and usable if that is to be avoided.

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