Qt5 -> KDE5?

marcel partap mpartap at gmx.net
Mon May 9 19:31:57 BST 2011

Hi there,
on this occasion where future direction of KDE is being defined, here's just a note from a linux 'power user' who turned from full 
KDE (3.5) fanboyness to using xfce, coping with some kde apps (yakuake, konqueror, okular, the games)...

>>   - Do we want "KDE 5" to be a big change, or just a small increment?
> Do we need a big change? I don't think so - we are already fantastic :)
although you put a smiley there, _this_ attitude is what i perceive as a huge problem regarding current KDE. The continuing 'pareto 
UI design frenzy', i.e. designing for the fictitious 80% collective of Joe-users(*) has been a real turn off to me. But the real 
problem behind that is that often, even elaborate users have no choice of changing stuff they'd like to behave differently (besides 
locally applying hacky patches).
Fortunately, QML offers a great way out: separating GUI definition from the code providing features. This could result in what i'd 
dream of as great solution - UI style sheets, for joes, advanced users or kids. That's a long way off though.

Another thing, the handling of bug reports could be a bit more mature in some cases. Flagging users UI improvement proposals as 
RESOLVED/WONTFIX (**) or pretending loss of user data under special conditions is not a problem that could be dealt with (***) is 
not what i'd consider super responsible maintainership... but then again i stopped reporting bugs anyways out of demotivation...

Not to play the blame game here, i still have hopes KDE can be the fun 'kool' power experience KDE 3.5 was, but my euphoric 4.x 
expectations have largely been smashed by instability, imho poor UI decisions and a plasma dream that never materialized.

That said, will continue compiling QT/KDE trunk regularly and see what innovative new solutions you guys (hopefully) come up with! (:

(*) why at all is there a debate wether users should be able to rename files from file open/save dialogs? dialog text made 
non-selectable for no good reasons, forcing manual transfer of alert messages to search engine boxes.. non-resizable modal dialogs 
with scroll bars or ellipses? a silly more button in download dialogues taking just as much space as the information it hides.. list 
goes on.
(**) https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=183774
(***) https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=265567

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