KConfigGroup::entryMap ignores expand flag

Marijn Kruisselbrink mkruisselbrink at kde.org
Mon May 9 15:52:09 BST 2011

While debugging some issues I was having with KStandardDirs and configuring 
paths for it in kdeglobals, I was wondering if it is by design that 
KConfig/KConfigGroup::entryMap ignores the expand ($e) flag that might be set on 
entries, and always returns the un-expanded values. I personally would expect 
kconfigtest to still pass with the attached patch applied, but because of this 
undocumented peculiarity of entryMap it doesn't. (and this also causes 
problems in the KStandardDirs case where it uses entryMap to look up any dirs 
that might be configured to custom paths). Should I try to fix entryMap() to als 
expand values before returning them where needed, or is it intended for 
entryMap to not expand values?

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