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Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at
Fri May 6 10:50:54 BST 2011

Some follow-up.

I coded locally the necessary changes to have "oxygen-settings" included 
inside "systemsettings", even when through changing the various pages 
into KCModules, and ... well ... it pretty much defeats the purpose (see 
screenshot at:

The result is that the "advanced" configuration is now more visible than 
the "basic" ones (located in Application Appearance and Workspace 
Appearance, for widget and decoration style), which is pretty much the 
opposite of what oxygen-settings was trying to achieve ...

So unless someone has a better idea (or disagrees with the above), I 
guess I'll leave things unchanged (oxygen-settings as a non-advertised 
standalone application) for kde 4.7.

Oppinions ? Comments ? Ideas ? (somehow I wish system-settings still had 
its "advanced" tab).


Le 04/28/2011 04:08 PM, Hugo Pereira Da Costa a écrit :
> Le 04/28/2011 02:52 PM, Harald Sitter a écrit :
>> On Thursday 28 April 2011 11:54:13 Hugo Pereira Da Costa wrote:
>>> Having all the configuration featurs of oxygen-settings in
>>> systemsettings is simply not an option (it has been discussed at length
>>> among oxygen devs).
>> It does not have to be in the existing KCMs ;) (i.e. see what Ben 
>> wrote).
>> All I am saying is, not having a settings UI appear in SystemSettings 
>> but in
>> the menu is rather confusing from a user POV.
>>>> Icon probably should be start-here-oxygen.
>>> mmm. I'm confused. There is no "start-here-oxygen.png" icon in themes,
>>> whereas there is an oxygen.png icon (well, in oxygen theme). But 
>>> maybe I
>>> should rather ship the icon (and install) with the application ?
>> Oh my bad, I was thinking of start-here.png, which is not suitable. 
>> Basically
>> I think there are 2 options here:
>> a) ship your own icon
>> b) use oxygen.png
>> Latter is not very advisable iff you choose to have the app listed in 
>> the menu,
>> as the implementation of the menu (think gnome-menu) is responsible 
>> for icon
>> lookup, which of course then fails if the used icon set is not 
>> oxygen. For a
>> KCM/SystemSettings entry that would be a none-issue as IIRC 
>> KIconLoader always
>> tries to look for icons in oxygen as second to last option.
>> So, if your desktop file is only used within a KApplication (such as
>> SystemSettings) you can use any icon from the oxygen set knowing that 
>> it will
>> always be displayed, if your desktop file can be used by non-KApps 
>> you will
>> need to ship an icon for the application and install it to the 
>> hicolor theme.
>> Also see [1].
>>>> General note about the Settings category: I think in a default setup
>>>> only
>>>> SystemSettings is listed in Settings (which will not make it show 
>>>> up in
>>>> the menu at all), adding another application entry to the Settings
>>>> category will make it show up in the menu... a menu with 2 entries (of
>>>> which one is already listed by default in kickoff favorites *and* the
>>>> kickoff computer tab) seems like bad default appearance to me *shrug*
>>> Fine with me (and I agree about your concern).
>>> Any better Categories suggestion ? (or alternatively, where do I find
>>> the list of available Categories) ?
>> [3] contains a list of all registred cateogires.
>> [2] is the main spec on desktop files, it points to other relevant 
>> specs as
>> needed (which includes [1] and [3] of course ;)).
>> I do still believe that integrating the app to show up within 
>> systemsettings
>> rather than the menu would be the way to go though :)
> Yep.
> You, and Berto and Ben got me convinced.
> I'll do that.  Thanks a bunch for the feedback and advice.
>> [1]
>> latest.html#install_icons
>> [2] 
>> latest.html
>> [3] 
>> registry

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