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I vote for jan 1 being week 52/53 of the previous year. However I can't help but think that this is an issue where 95% of our users won't care at all and the other 5% have strong - conflicting needs. For that last 5% a way to configure all this would be useful.

I do not believe any standard actually exists in the US, so there is a good arguement to be made that if there is a standard used in the rest of the world you should enforce that on us. The hope is to get those who don't care use used to a more worldwide standard. (Maybe this will work better than metric)

What ever you decide, be sure to write the decision up and why someplace, otherwise someone who cares will want to repaint this bikeshed once in a while. Maybe even put it in the help document.
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On Wednesday 04 May 2011 23:07:38 Keith Rusler wrote: > A new week starts every Sunday. So yeah, week one starts on the first > Sunday of the year, regardly of wherever January 1st > starts on. Btw, we aren't called USians, but Americans ;). So consensus seems to be Week 1 starts on the first Sunday, the question then is what week number do the days before that receive, Week 0 or Week 52/53 of the previous year? Anyone seen the the Jan 1 == partial Week 1 used, as it's a very well documented scheme in various places including a number of software vendors. USian is just an abbreviation we occasionally use where I come from when American seems too long to type and which just seemed to fit better the jokey tone of my mail. Given Micheal's second cited usage of it I'll have to be more carful i
 n it's usage from now on. Cheers! John. 

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