US Week Numbers - USian Advice Needed

Gary Greene greeneg at
Fri May 6 03:48:30 BST 2011

On 5 May 2011, at 12:24 AM, John Layt wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 May 2011 23:07:38 Keith Rusler wrote:
>> A new week starts every Sunday. So yeah, week one starts on the first
>> Sunday of the year, regardly of wherever January 1st
>> starts on. Btw, we aren't called USians, but Americans ;).
> So consensus seems to be Week 1 starts on the first Sunday, the question then 
> is what week number do the days before that receive, Week 0 or Week 52/53 of 
> the previous year?
> Anyone seen the the Jan 1 == partial Week 1 used, as it's a very well 
> documented scheme in various places including a number of software vendors.

Normally, that's just 52/53, since it's a continuance of the week started in the previous year.

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