My application for Season of KDE 2011

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> Subject: My application for Season of KDE 2011
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> Hello all :)
> I applied for the GSoC-2011 for KIO application but did get selected for it.
> I am still looking for project in this summer in KDE.
> I have no specific project in my mind. I don't know which projects are
> allocated
> to students for GSoC-2011 so any project appropriate for me according to my
> profile
> I can work on.
> If any project which is not related to KDE or any other project which fits
> to my profile
> and any mentor wants me to work I can work on it.
> I would like to prefer for project in which system programming is involved.
> I have no experience in graphics side programming.
> Very little experience in scripting and web site development.
> I am good at C and C++.
> Any system programming related project will be perfect for me :)
> My specific interest includes kernel programming( I am beginner in it :) )
> To explore more about my interest I did many projects on Linux based
> Operating System from my UG only.
> Here are some area on which I have worked till date:
> - I worked as an embedded engineer for 1.5 years in
> eInfochips.(
> - During my job I made Linux Ethernet driver for DaVinci based SoC.
> - I also worked on network protocols like IGMPv3 as part of protocol
> verification project.
> I did my UG( Computer Science as Major ) and currently I am doing
> my M.Tech ( Software Engineering as Major )
> in International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, India.
> During My 1st and 2nd Semester I did following projects:
> - Made Chromium secure live USB by removing hard disk driver
>   from it and made appropriate changes to make it bootable via USB.
> - I have also coded one Linux kernel module which was keeping track of IPC
>   object(i.e. Semaphore) waiting process queue.
> Here is the major projects details and some source code that I have done
> till:
> I am planing to take advanced operation system as my one of the main
> subject. So if I am getting
> any project related to it, I can talk to my professor and can request him to
> consider it
> as project elective. So that I can work on it for next 6 month also.
> I would like to work for any project that is appropriate according to my
> profile.
> If there are any other projects available then also I am open to work for
> it.
> I can also do work for any application.
> I like to work for open source and want to explore this world.
> I am expecting from this project a good learning experience plus a good
> bridge
> between open source organization and my institute.
> Let me know what is I need to do further.

There was some talk on the mailing list a while back about
implementing an automatic file comparison system in the KIO file
transfer system.  If you copy a file to a folder, and there is a name
conflict, it would check to make sure the files are not identical
before prompting you for a decision.  It was decided that this wasn't
enough for a GSOC project, but maybe it is enough for a season of KDE
project.  I am not sure.


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