4.6 branches created in git again

John Layt johnlayt at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 21 17:52:42 GMT 2011

On Monday 21 Mar 2011 14:19:09 Ian Monroe wrote:

> Ben did add this block to his hook. Hooray. :)

Yay, thanks Ben!  Mental note to buy Ben yet another beer at Akademy.

> I'm thinking I should just go ahead and rename KDE/4.6 to 4.6 etc.

Do we know what the consequences are?  Does this damage the history at all?  
Are the Release Team and distro's ready to change their scripts?  Do we need 
to advertise this in advance?  Did we settle the other points raised in this 
thread about the naming scheme?

Come to think of it, perhaps it's the Release Team who should have final say 
on the branch naming, they may have requirements that we haven't thought of?


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