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I'm very happy to read that there is work to improve the current printing 
situation. KDE 3 had a wonderful printing system. It was far from perfect but 
usable. Unfortunately KDE 4 replaced it with a print dialog that is barely 

I've looked at the Requirements page and started the dialog application. I 
have some comments and questions:

- My biggest wish for a printing dialog is that the preview exactly matches 
the output. All current print dialogs that I know on linux have the problem 
that the output is not really predictible if one goes away from the default: 
printing A4 portrait to an A4 portrait printer.

Often one has to try several options to get the desired result or one finally 
fails. Options that often cause problems are landscape/portrait the size of 
the media, or multiple pages printing.

- The choice of the output paper size and tray should be more prominent. I 
have one printer where I can find the paper size only in the General tab at 
the last position of 50 options.

- There should be visual feedback how the document applies to the paper. What 
happens if I print an A4 document and select an A5 paper? How can I specify 
that the document has to be shrunk to fit?

- Is it possible let the dialog shrink the document by a given percentage and 
to align the document on the paper to have more empty space on the left for a 

- Is it possible to print an A5 document on A4 paper centered with optional 
with crop marks at the border?

- Will the applications be able to change the document and send a new preview 
as soon as the options change?  

- For duplex printing I would like to see a left and right page or top and 
down page side by side in the preview. 

- If one prints more than one document page on a paper sheet it should be 
possible to specify the horizontal and vertical gaps.

- The preview should optionally show the media borders, the printable area 
borders and the document borders on the media.

- One advanced option I would like to see: I do not know of any duplex 
printer that is able to print the front and back page such that for example 
crop marks exactly match. Often there is an offset one has to apply. It would 
be nice if one could do this independently for the front and back page in the 

Christoph Bartoschek
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