OpenPrinting Summit - Print Dialog and Colour Management

John Layt johnlayt at
Thu Mar 17 10:54:14 GMT 2011

On Thursday 17 Mar 2011 06:29:16 Boudewijn Rempt wrote:

> For what I got out of it, colord seems to be, like so many "generic"
> libraries be focussed on gnome/gtk-first

Aye, there are a lot of those system libraries coming out from Red Hat / Gnome 
that give no thought to KDE integration, or even make decisions that make KDE 
support harder.  I drafted an inflamatory blog about it during the latest 
brouhaha but decided not to pour more petrol on the fire.  It's something we 
need to address and figure out how to get them to think about us more.  We 
certainly need to be more proactive about spotting these things early and 
jumping in to try influence them.

I haven't read the icc list yet, but would I be right in thinking colord is a 
far more recent than oyranos, so another NIH effort?  Working together on a 
common solution seems so much more sensible in such an esotoric area, 
especially if users have to configure two separate CM systems for their Gtk 
and KDE apps, but at least we have an alternative this time.


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