QZeitgeist and Phonon

Ivan Cukic ivan.cukic at kde.org
Wed Mar 16 11:16:35 GMT 2011

On Wednesday, 16. March 2011. 10.59.19 Sebastian TrĂ¼g wrote:
> OK, now I get it. So you in fact create one new resource for each
> activity/app/resource combination.
> So how does this work if I want to get a score over all apps, ie. the
> most important files in the current activity?

Doesn't yet, but it will be done via a simple SUM aggregation.

> BTW: We are encoding apps as NAO::Agent() instances in the data
> mangement service. Did you already do something here? What are you
> using?

No, it is a rather dummy code atm - with fake .desktop URIs.

When I finish the refactoring for the backends, I'll create two branches - 
one for nepomuk backend and one for zeitgeist and add the code. I'll send 
an email when it is done.


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