Review Request: Fix for connecting to FTP sites through HTTP proxy

David Faure faure at
Wed Mar 9 17:46:50 GMT 2011

On Wednesday 09 March 2011, Dawit Alemayehu wrote:
> proxiedBy always returns true since ftp.protocol no longer contains a
> "ProxiedBy=" entry.

Yes it does, of course. But the point of the additional if() is to not go into 
that code block for other procotols, like HTTP, FISH, and so on.

> Anyhow, the speed should not be much of an issue since 
> KProtocolManager::slaveProtocol does caching.

I don't see the point in determining the proxy in the calling application if 
we're going to open the file in another application, which will have to 
determine the proxy again (the cache is only per-process).
So the additional if() doesn't hurt, does it? It's basically only about saying
"if the initial protocol is FTP then the protocol after applying the proxy 
could be different from the initial protocol". Otherwise it can't be, so no 
point in looking up the proxy.

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