QZeitgeist and Phonon

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at kde.org
Tue Mar 8 11:13:49 GMT 2011

>> Sebastian concluded that storing all the events in Nepomuk wouldn't be
>> wise, so it was agreed to store them in Zeitgeist which was designed with
>> that sole purpose.
> to be precise: I wanted to test storing all in Nepomuk first which I
> have not done yet.

I didn't know that. If it turns out it behaves well, both backends
will be feature-complete.

>>   - Store only per-activity scores in nepomuk making it possible to have
>>     'which are the most common files opened in kate during some activity'
> how do you do that?

I haven't written an ontology for that yet, but it works like this
(i've been testing it with dummy code - still have to port it to KAMD)
UsageScore:  (I need a better name for this)
    score (calculated via the magic of the exp function as previously discussed)


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