KDM plans and lightDM

Shaun Reich predator106 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 21:29:45 BST 2011

> It seems quite fashionable to start a project on freedesktop.org without
> involving KDE and to build it using Gnome tech, then ask us to use it because
> "it's a cross-desktop project".

Oh yes. Apparently it's better than KDM because it's very
cross-desktopy. And better. And stuff.

Whatever the hell that means.

And it doesn't depend on any toolkit except glib!!

Which, KDM has had since the beginning with it's separation between
backend and frontends.

lightDM is also headed by my dear friend Canonical, as is clearly seen.

Of note is that ldm uses d-bus, whereas kdm uses sockets. So as for
the "lightweight" part, they just forced everyone to have a full dbus
session up.

Instead of working with existing code, *apparently* it is more
effective to make a new project altogether. I think we should adopt
this strategy. After all, isn't KDELibs and KIO getting really old and
crappy? Time to rm -Rf / and start from scratch...

Oh wait. The *same exact* situation was presented to us with GIO.
"create something new, disregard existing implementations, force
adoption after everything is finalized." Well, so I guess that base is
already covered..lets find another one.

Evidently age is indicative not of stability or refinement, but of a
dying animal, ready to be put down. mjg95's blog entry hits the nail
on the head.

I also laugh out loud at how the project brags about having "much,
much less code than $kdm/gdm". But what do you think the code was
there for? Did we have 50,000 lines of code accidentally copied
somewhere? I think not. I'm pretty sure it's self-evident that the
code actually *serves* a purpose. Purposes that LightDM still has
marked as "well...we don't *quite* have that juuusssttt yet". But hey,
my powers of observation must be astounding.

</rant rant rant>

Shaun Reich,
KDE Software Developer (kde.org)

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