KDM plans and lightDM

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 21:24:22 BST 2011

Am Mon, 13 Jun 2011 21:34:56 +0200
schrieb Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin at kde.org>:

> What does power management has to do with KDM? This belongs into
> powerdevil where to my knowledge it should be handled fine, if
> configured correctly.
I guess he means:
   "autosuspension from KDM", ie. w/o being logged in at all - he
   started the system, didn't log in, talked a lot of meeting nonsense
   (tm), legged in - and the battery was sucked away.

   I won't comment on the preferred usage of advanced bioneural cpu to
circumvent such issues in the first place, but this function does imho
not belong into a DM but into some cron job (or whatever other daemon)
that watches how long nobody has been logged in and *whether no relevant
daemon is running* and then suspend the system after some time.
This should also cover plymouth (the splashy replacement? really?) -
but if you mean "bash", you'll require the feature (watching
keystrokes) there, i think.

   Putting this into a DM is rather bad because there's no good default*
and it's not a DM's job to watch other processes (while maybe other
logins...) and manage some random blacklist on them.

*you do not want to suspend your system because you didn't log in since
(despite starting to runlevel 5...) there's currently some sshd up and
you're logged into from somewhere else, or just because the machine runs
a webserver as well...

> > Also, since the last Ubuntu Development Summit I started to look
> > into lightDM[1] 
   Try Quingy!
anybody anything else?

> knowledge there is some work going on to bring a Plasma interface to
> KDM which would be a very unique feature.


Errr... hopefully *a* - and not *the* kdm frontend.

If it's just about the look:
move the plasma frame rendering stuff to kdeui. done.
I'd write you a plasmatic general UI style to prevent this ;-)

But allowing "random" scripts in a login manager is like asking
people to shoot themself. 
Sorry for being rough now, but that is really a braindead idea and
at best acceptable for the single user desktop (ie. the ppl. who
probably use autologin anyway), but certainly *not* in a hostile
Really not.
The purpose of the login manager is to allow reliable and secure
login. That's it. If it's cute on top: nice.
But plasmoids are really the opposite of "secure" - you'd have to tell
everybody to carefully inspect the plasmoids tehy want to put into the
DM, or provide a database of trustworthy ones and who's gonna do that?


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