KDE at the Qt Contributors Summit

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Mon Jun 13 18:02:14 BST 2011

On Thursday 09 Jun 2011 15:31:42 John Layt wrote:
> We would like to co-ordinate our efforts at QtCS to ensure the best
> possible outcome for KDE and Qt.  To help this we would like all KDE
> community members attending to list their name on the KDE at QtCS wiki
> page.

Q - 3 and counting...

Unfortunately we couldn't arrange the t-shirts in time so we will be relying 
on you to bring your own (although we may have a couple spare).  First 
preference is for the blue "Part of the solution" t's, but anything 
presentable will do ;-)

The wiki now has 20 names on it (with some obvious ommissions), about 10 of 
whom can attend dinner or drinks Wednesday evening, so we will try book 
somewhere and confirm it here and on the wiki.  RMS is apparently giving a 
talk somewhere in Berlin that evening if people are interested.

We have a number of sessions proposed, if you want to raise a topic please do 
so asap on the QtCS wiki Topics page and slot it into the Schedule.  It 
doesn't matter how big or small the topic is, if it needs discussing you need 
to advertise it even if it's only discussed in the lounge.

In particular I'd like a session grouping together the smaller code changes 
KDE would like in Qt5 such as KUrl, KLineEit and KMimeType.  I was wondering 
if the Platform 11 class-by-class analysis was deep enough yet to provide a 
list of the more important classes/features we want to move?



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