Releases of the thing that was KDE

Scott Kitterman kde at
Mon Jun 6 23:36:52 BST 2011

New thread as requested.

I've been told on IRC that we will still have an integrated release of what 
used to be KDE (I've no clue what to call it now since I think I read KDE SC 
was deprecated).

All I see in the messaging from the platform sprint seems to be about further 
deconstruction and decentralization.

The KDE 4.7 beta 1 tarballs are an inconsistent mess that clearly weren't 
coherently thought out (don't get me started about modules thinking it'd be a 
great idea to split tarballs in 4.6.3).  [to be clear, I'm not against 
splitting, I'd just like it to be planned out and done consistently, once so 
we don't have to redo packaging multiple times].

The results on the platform sprint read like more chaos is coming.

I get we need to modularize for a number of important reasons, but I don't see 
the companion story for how this all gets released as something coherent and 

Where's that part of the story?

Scott K
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