Requested Moratorium on hard to build dependency bumps for KDE 5

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at
Mon Jun 6 23:33:28 BST 2011

On 6/6/11, Thomas L├╝bking <thomas.luebking at> wrote:
> Am Mon, 6 Jun 2011 17:08:24 -0400
> schrieb Maksim Orlovich <mo85 at>:
>> Why would wayland support have any effect on runtime dependency on
>> X11?
> Building mesa
> Wayland uses the mesa EGL stack, and all extensions required to run EGL
> on KMS are......

Sorry, my wording was poor: OK, wayland needs recent Mesa at runtime,
but I am not running Wayland; so why would I need to upgrade my mesa?

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