Master or 4.7 under VirtualBox/KVM

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Sun Jul 31 21:28:22 BST 2011

Am Sun, 31 Jul 2011 20:01:34 +0200
schrieb Michael Jansen <kde at>:

> The failsafe session btw did not disable compositing (for me). I understand
> failsafe session as selecting fail-safe from the boot menu btw . Just
> in case.

$ less /usr/bin/startkde

#  DEFAULT KDE STARTUP SCRIPT ( 4.7.00 (4.7.0) )

if test "x$1" = x--failsafe; then
    KDE_FAILSAFE=1 # General failsafe flag
    KWIN_COMPOSE=N # Disable KWin's compositing


> xrestop did not show anything useful. I was able to start it through
> the Autostart feature and "konsole -e xrestop".
_nothing_ peaking in "Pxm mem" or "Other" but high RAM usage? - that
should be a server (/driver) bug then...
> I could find out nothing about what it is that piles up in x11. I
> tried to valgrind x11 but i totally failed doing that. X11 startet
> but when i tried to put a kde session into the x server nothing
> happened. Someone experience doing that?
I guess you got to wait ;-)

Try to figure whether a specific client (ie. kwin or any
Q/KApplication) triggers this and run only that - not a full session.

> > Also check the graphicssystem, "export QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM raster" or
> > "native", rather not "opengl"
> Will try that.
So i understand compositing had no impact on this (the issue remained
after disabling it)


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