Master or 4.7 under VirtualBox/KVM

Michael Jansen kde at
Sun Jul 31 11:58:05 BST 2011

Hi @all

I am currently trying to setup a compiled from sources master on opensuse in a 
vm. I first tried kvm and then virtualbox.

In both cases i got the same problem. The vms work as expected with the 
opensuse 11.4 provided kde 4.6 (a bit sluggish but they work) and with any 
other DE.

The minute i login into my self compiled trunk (kdesupport and kde-core 
modules from sources, qt 4.7.1 from distro) the systems hangs. X11 eats up my 
2 GB allocated mem in seconds and soon the session crashes (kvm) or does not 
respond in any way (virtualbox).

Did we manage to break kde under virtual machines? Or is the problem here? 

Has someone a recent kde running in a vm?


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