Problem with QWidget->mapToGlobal()

Sean Harmer sh at
Wed Jul 27 19:04:37 BST 2011

On 26/07/2011 22:55, Shaun Reich wrote:
> I have the same problem with master and Qt 4.7.
> Clicking the windeco icon on a window which is on either screen
> results in the menu displaying as far left on the left screen, and the
> top of the screen + (heightOfTitlebar) it seems.
> Simply right-clicking the titlebar itself results in an incorrect
> offset (resulting in it being on the left-most screen at the top. The
> difference is that the first one is statically always at left-top. The
> second case (sort of) follows the x axis of the titlebar, but at the
> top.
> Anyways, ran it through gdb just for curiousity's sake and yeah
> mapToGlobal isn't giving what one might expect. Does the widget need a
> parent or something? Because other uses of it seem pretty similar to
> this one, yet they work fine. or is this some qt/x bug?

It has also been noticed here:

where the reporter seems to think that (on embedded at least) there was 
a byte->pixel conversion missing in some cases.


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