Trouble with udisks-daemon caused by solid

Andreas Roth aroth at
Tue Jul 26 18:48:06 BST 2011


i stumbled over this issue when running amarok. When amarok is running, the 
udisks-daemon is constantly active. It takes about 1-5% of CPU. At the same 
time the dbus-daemon also takes the same amount of CPU.
The original post to amarok-devel can be found here:

I've run a strace against the udisks-daemon and writes the following message 
to stderr:
write(2, "\n** (udisks-daemon:2797): WARNING **: Property get or set does not 
have an interface string as first arg\n\n", 106)

With the help of the amarok developers is found the piece of code, which 
triggers this issue. In amarok/src/MediaDeviceCache.cpp, function 
MediaDeviceCache::slotTimeout() calls Solid::Device::listFromType, which does 
some dbus/udisks magic and this causes the trouble. I haven't gone into the 
solid code to check what might be wrong there.

I created a small test program, which does exactly what amarok does and also 
triggers this issue. I've attach the program to this mail.

Hopefully someone could help me to track down this issue and fix it.


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