My Plans, Your Plans: Berlin Desktop Summit

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Wed Jul 27 14:40:11 BST 2011

hi :)

BDS is coming up rather quickly and i've been doing some personal planning for 
it today. i realized in one of those "i just realized the obvious, doh!" 
moments that i have very little idea of what others are planning and hoping 
for the event. it was a quick hop from there to realize that probably nobody 
knew what i planned and hoped for either. 

given that this is one of the most important events in KDE's annual calendar, 
this was a little shocking to me once i thought about it. i'd like to help 
make BDS a raging success this year for us (and i'm sure you all want and 
expect the same :) and it would help if i (and others) could arrive with some 
idea of what we're all arriving with in terms of expectations.

so .. here are my primary goals:

* push Plasma further forward by meeting with others who are contributing in 
person (ok, that one was probably obvious :)

* engage with others involved with our goals set out at Platform 11 for KDE 
Frameworks and move that forward with them. a concrete personal goal: have the 
Frameworks branches set up in kdelibs and kde-runtime and merge the libplasma2 
branches into them.

* share our goals for Plasma Active more openly and explicitly with other 
people in the KDE project.

* promote organization and leadership efforts within our community (this is 
reflected by my presentation topic :)

* ensure that we get reasonable promotional coverage for BDS: timely content 
on the dot, "live" blogging and microblogging ...

* have an enjoyable time with everyone who shows up :)

ok, so there you go. more than you may have wanted to know about my plans and 
goals for BDS. i'd enjoy having more goals than the above, but it's already a 
lot to accomplish in such a short time there. trying to stay somewhat 
realistic ;)

i'm VERY interested in what you are hoping and planning for from your own 
attendance at BDS. please share those goals so that we can all arrive more 
mentally prepared for what is in store.

p.s. i don't think we should try and discuss the content of our plans in this 
thread, as that is obviously what we'll do at BDS :) just knowing what each 
other's agendas are, even in sketch, is valuable ...

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
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