Formal complaint concerning the use of the name "System Settings"

Steven Sroka sroka.steven at
Mon Jul 25 02:09:14 BST 2011

On 23 July 2011 15:20, Ambroz Bizjak <ambrop7 at> wrote:
> Mark <markg85 at> wrote:
>> Just a small suggestion on how i think this should be "fixed" (since 2
>> desktop files for one app seems just ugly to me).
>> Perhaps it's better to extend the desktop file specification:
>> And i would propose adding 2 entries:
>> NativeDE - This one holds the desktop environment name where the app
>> would be "native". So GNOME, KDE or whatever.
>> NameNonNative - This one holds the app name when it's shown in a
>> desktop environment that is not native. When not set fallback to
>> "Name"
>> So for example the "System Settings" app in KDE looks somewhat like
>> this in a .desktop file:
>> Name=System Settings
>> NativeDE=KDE
>> NameNonNative=KDE System Settings
>> The same applies for gnome system settings and also for the system
>> monitor (that also has the naming issue)
>> Isn't this a good solution?
>> Regards,
>> Mark
> I think this is the right idea - have a generic name and a
> native-desktop-specific name. But I think it could be implemented more
> nicely. I suggest the following:
> Name=KDE System Settings
> KDE-Name=System Settings
> Name=Gnome System Settings
> Gnome-Name=System Settings
> This would be a little easier to implement, and has the advantage that
> the non-native name will be used for any DE that doesn't specifically
> know about the "extension". For example, in Xfce, you will get "KDE
> System Settings" and "Gnome System Settings" without Xfce having to
> implement anything; with Mark's suggestion however, Xfce would give
> you two "System Settings" until it was patched.

I agree completely. And with Lorenz idea (and other's idea) to have a
unified backend that offers one control panel/system settings this
problem can be solved and interoperability between different DE's can
be made more efficient.

The only point that I would like to add is that the 'System' part of
System Settings should be dropped since the settings listed there are
not for the system but for the DE('s).

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