Formal complaint concerning the use of the name "System Settings"

Lorenz Quack don at
Sat Jul 23 20:43:16 BST 2011


I am non-partisan user of both GNOME and KDE and wanted to add my my 
humble two cents.

I belive that picking a generic name such as "System Settings" for such 
a common place application and then claiming unique ownership of that 
name is a bit brazen.
On the other hand now that we have this conflict on our hands I think 
the GNOME community should back of the name for this release and try to 
resolve this conflict in an bilaterale way everyone can live with.

So how can this be resolved?
 From an users perspective I do not want two different control 
centers/system settings applications. One should be enough!
So If the too comunities could agree on a way to provide 
interoperability so that the apps are merely frontends to the same 
underlying settings infrastructre this problem would be really only 
about nameing issues and the user would be a happy one.
I realize that this might be harder to do than it is said but isn't a 
good user experience what devs in both communities should be striving for?

For this release: GNOME back off
For the next release: KDE and GNOME unify your settings infrastructure 
and pick non-generic names for your apps.

Keep up the good work and have respect for each others great work!

//Lorenz (a thankful user)

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