Job available: medical device company

David nonot100 at
Mon Jul 18 17:22:51 BST 2011

Hello KDE devs,

We’re a small group within a large company, seven developers and a
manager, and we’re looking to add a member to the team.


- C/C++ medical app on *nix with Qt front-end.  Some C#/.Net, too.
- Major medical device company
- Location: Cleveland, OH  (United States)

Our project is not KDE based, but there is talk afoot to replace our
(ageing) current desktop with "something."  That's not near term,

The reason I'm posting here is simply because KDE can be described as
a large and complex project based on Qt.  So is our project.

Please note:  This is not like most job postings out there, as I'm an
actual developer, and one of your potential future co-workers.

Please reply off-list with your resume and other relevant details. Any
resumes submitted will be directly reviewed by one of us on the
development team, bypassing Human Resources and their sometimes
heavy-handed applicant screeners.

Thank you,

P.S.   Lest anyone think I'm spamming the KDE dev list, I did clear
this post with the list admins.  (rational:  There is no kde-jobs list

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