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Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Mon Jul 18 07:43:52 BST 2011

Am Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011, 12:47:36 schrieb Rolf Eike Beer:
> When I look at the kdelibs test results at
> I see the following things
> that IMHO need to be changed:
> -the limit of 3000 warnings is reached, do we need to increase the limit?

We don't, we are now down to 2422 warnings by fixing problem #2.

> -the moc files are counted in the coverage results even if CTestConfig.cmake
> contains
> set(CTEST_CUSTOM_COVERAGE_EXCLUDE ".moc$" "moc_" "ui_")
> So something is wrong there. This also adds to the number of warnings as the
> first to warning messages are "no relevant classes found" ones which should
> be suppressed.
> IIRC those lines need to be moved to the CTestCustom.cmake to take effect.
> Alex?

This is fixed now, I backported this into 4.7 in case anyone starts doing 
builds there sometime.

> -I think that all testcases should also be removed from the coverage
> results, i.e. those list should be extended by "/tests/".

For this I would like to hear some more opinions.

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