proposal: remove KTextEditor interface from kdelibs repository

Michael Pyne mpyne at
Mon Jan 31 23:45:45 GMT 2011

On Monday, January 31, 2011 17:42:56 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> potential caveats are that it makes it harder to build certain KDE apps
> because now you need not only kdelibs, but kate. this is already true for
> things that require libs in kde-support, kdepimlibs or kdegraphics, though.

This is more a package management concern, and while I do want to avoid having 
hundreds of dependencies just to build a single KDE Platform application, I 
don't think this is too difficult as long as we make it clear which 
dependencies are actually in place for our packagers (e.g. kate/kwrite 
requires KTextEditor from libktexteditor, etc.)

The concern that I have, on the other hand, is whether this can be done in a 
source and binary compatible fashion. I just took a look at 
kdelibs/interfaces/ktexteditor, and indeed there already exists a separate 
libktexteditor (i.e. it's not directly part of e.g. libkdecore).

So given that it seems like it should easily be doable without breaking source 
or binary compatibility my opinion is that moving the interface out should be 
fine. It would be interesting to see if the various mobile development groups 
have already done something like this in fact.

 - Michael Pyne
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