proposal: remove KTextEditor interface from kdelibs repository

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon Jan 31 22:42:56 GMT 2011

hi :)

since Ian already brought it up and suggested a separate thread for it, let me 
do just that. we discussed this a bit on the release mailing list, but the 
discussion really ought involve more people since it will impact us all.

the idea is this (and the Kate devs are just fine with it, btw):

* remove the KTextEditor interface from the kdelibs repository
* enable KTextEditor in the build for the kate git module
* introduce a FindKTextEditor.cmake to kdelibs/cmake/modules/ that looks for 
the interface and directs people to the kate repo if it doesn't exist there
* make all KDE apps that use the KTextEditor interface use that

the reason for this is:

* the Kate team wants to develop all kate related code in one place and make 
it easier for people to try out Kate from mainline (by not making people check 
out kdelibs just for the kate pieces that are in there)

* it would be an interesting and useful experiment with modularization of 
kdelibs for cases such as these, namely when a library is used by a number of 
apps but is not "general purpose" like kdecore, kdeui, kio, etc. are.

potential caveats are that it makes it harder to build certain KDE apps 
because now you need not only kdelibs, but kate. this is already true for 
things that require libs in kde-support, kdepimlibs or kdegraphics, though.


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