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in case anyone wants to follow this topic, we're discussing it extensively on 
plasma-devel at ... the ideas are taking shape and it's already moved on 
from my first email. in fact, you can expect 4.7 to not look like at all what 
i suggested in that email :)

we are also documenting (a process that is ongoing) our meanderings on this 

as you can see on that page, we've shifted to thinking about 4.7 and 4.8 with 
changes split up between them. our plan is to work this up into a one year 
roadmap and try to follow it.

we'll also be thinking about how KDE apps can and/or should be taking 
advantage of activities. your thoughts as KDE devels are very welcome on this, 
and you are all invited to join us as we construct these ideas. you're even 
more invited to help implement activity awareness in your applications :)

we hope that this will give plasma some added direction for the next year as 
we have a number of things cooking right now, as well as to provide a way for 
all of us working on KDE software to rally around some of the newer ideas that 
can be seen in plasma, such as activities.

note that using activities does not create a dependency on libplasma. we have 
a couple of classes that make using activities rather easy in libkworkspace 
right now; they are intended to join kdelibs (location tbd) to make activities 
easy for all apps to use. we started them in libkworkspace so we could work on 
their features, API and implementation before pushing them into kdelibs, and 
that's been a useful process as we've been able to learn a lot more about what 
we needed from them.

cheers ...

Aaron J. Seigo
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