next steps with Git migration

Torgny Nyblom kde-5MwR54htZQkdnm+yROfE0A at
Mon Jan 31 16:48:16 GMT 2011

On Monday 31 January 2011 10.30.50 Ian Monroe wrote:
> *We need to have a unified branch naming scheme. Basically we need to
> come up with what we want the branches to be named, and then ask the
> sysadmin team to rename them for us.
> In use I think the 'KDE/' prefix is a bad idea, since people are
> tempted to call their local branch simply '4.6' and then they end up
> creating remote branches called '4.6' and its all rather confusing.
> And kdepim* never had this prefix. So it would make sense to simply
> drop it 'KDE/'.

+1 from me


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