next steps with Git migration

Ian Monroe ian at
Mon Jan 31 16:30:50 GMT 2011

So thanks to everyone's patience with some of this issues this
weekend. I want to thank KO for their sponsorship and we all should
thank Nicolás Alvarez (PovAddict), as he is responsible for
significant size reductions in the repositories (probably about
~100mb/main repo on average).

Now that the major issues will be addressed shortly (kde-runtime,
kdelibs enterprise branches), there are some issues that we need to
handle still.

*We need to have a unified branch naming scheme. Basically we need to
come up with what we want the branches to be named, and then ask the
sysadmin team to rename them for us.

In use I think the 'KDE/' prefix is a bad idea, since people are
tempted to call their local branch simply '4.6' and then they end up
creating remote branches called '4.6' and its all rather confusing.
And kdepim* never had this prefix. So it would make sense to simply
drop it 'KDE/'.

*Bero (of Ark Linux) pointed out to me that Konsole is in the 4.6
branch of kde-baseapps, and that the Konsole repo has its own 4.6

This might just be a case where things need to be removed from places
where it doesn't belong or it should be communicated.

*Kate & Git. Precisely where it lives and where packagers should build
from needs to be clearly communicated (removing it from repos where
its not developed is a great way to communicate this!). This should
probably be its own thread though. :)


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