kdelibs, kdebase moving to Git this Saturday

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 00:44:16 GMT 2011

Nicolás Alvarez wrote:
> Ian Monroe wrote:
>> git://anongit.kde.org/scratch/nalvarez/kdelibs-convtest
>> git://anongit.kde.org/scratch/ianmonroe/kdebase-apps
>> git://anongit.kde.org/scratch/ianmonroe/kdebase-runtime
>> git://anongit.kde.org/scratch/ianmonroe/kdebase-workspace
>> git://anongit.kde.org/scratch/ianmonroe/konsole
> Some problems were found in the kdelibs repository, mostly in old tags.
> r411963 is particularly good at messing up conversions...
> The new repository (shall we call it RC2?) is in:
> git://anongit.kde.org/scratch/ianmonroe/kdelibs-trial
> kdebase repos seem to have similar problems; new git repos will be up
> once the rules are fixed.
> Please, help review the repositories before migration! Unlike KDE
> software, here we won't have point releases to fix bugs later :)

The kdebase repositories have been re-pushed with tags and branches fixed. 
Same URLs as before.


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