Usefulness of Subject-header of git commit mails

Tom Albers toma at
Mon Jan 24 01:07:58 GMT 2011

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> On 1/23/2011 9:30 PM, Milian Wolff wrote:
> > What was broken?
> Nothing as far as Commitfilter is concerned. Commitfilter actually
> acts on the X-Commit-Directories headers, not the mail subject.
> This header was actually somewhat broken in the old mails, it has
> been fixed now as part of the hooks rewrite that also brought with
> it the mail subject format change.
> In total the rewrite fixed numerous bugs, many of which were in the
> emails (the old implementation wasn't written by the sysadmin team):
> There were problems with keyword parsing, CCMAIL recipients were not
> all CC'd to the kde-commits mail but rather individual, new mails
> were sent, headers with non-Unicode characters in them weren't en-
> coded properly, authors didn't get CC'd if the hook found something
> unsafe in the diff, license detection for new files was suboptimal,
> etc.
> The rewrite also improved performance by orders of magnitude,
> especially in the auditing steps, and added new features. For
> example the mails now mention who pushed a commit.
> Yet all we hear about is rather aggressive whining about the mail
> subjects ... yep, being a sysadmin is tons of fun.

Hey, look at it differently. If everyone is talking about the subject as the biggest problem, Ben really, really did a great job. I was expecting a hell of a lot more bugs in the brand new code. People complaining about the subject made me smile actually. It is like building a gigantic big house and the owners are complaing about the color of the doorbell. Ill settle for that.


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