Usefulness of Subject-header of git commit mails

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Sun Jan 23 22:51:20 GMT 2011

On Sunday 23 January 2011, Milian Wolff wrote:
> c) it's not possible to prioritize commit mails for reviewing. I get tons
> every day and often only look at "urgent" mails, where urgent was so far
> mostly related to committer + short commit msg. This worked really well,
> now I have to look at all emails as soon as they come in and "mark as
> unread" those that I need to attend to later. This is purely workflow
> related, it does not mean that I never looked at patches with messages
> like "fix indentation" or "i18n fixes" at all, it just meant that I
> usually trusted them and only looked at them when I had the time.
Interestingly I have the exact opposite problem with the old system you 
prefer. It makes it impossible to prioritize commit mails for reviewing.


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