i18n infrastructure for Grantlee templates

Stephen Kelly steveire at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 23:44:31 GMT 2011

Albert Astals Cid wrote:

> A Dijous, 20 de gener de 2011, Stephen Kelly va escriure:
>> Hi,
>> I'm ready to release the next version of Grantlee, which is the first
>> version with i18n features. The aim is to mark strings as translatable
>> inside the template files instead of in C++.
> Is Grantlee used anywhere else than kjots?

KAddressBook (optionally). Though currently that doesn't use any 
translatable strings because it was only possible with the hack KJots uses. 
Tokoe did ask for the feature though.

>> The $EXTRACT_TEMPLATE_STRINGS is already written, so I'd be asking to put
>> the relevant files somewhere scripty can use them, and update scripty to
>> populate the $EXTRACT_TEMPLATE_STRINGS variable.
>> http://gitorious.org/grantlee/grantlee/trees/0.1/scripts
> There's two probles with that:
>  * The code of the script is outside KDE developers reach, so it can not
>  be
> fixed. If we are going to use it, it should reside in the KDE repo.

Right, sorry. That's what I was proposing when I said 'somewhere scripty can 
reach'. What is the right place to put the scripts?

>  * I'm not giving you EXTRACT_TEMPLATE_STRINGS, at most

That'll do :)

>> Will that be a problem? Can I coordinate that with someone?
> With the KDE i18n coordinator (me)

Cool. So I don't know if I have the ACL rights to commit to the right places 
in KDE svn i18n, so let's see about getting the stuff in.



> Albert
>> All the best,
>> Steve.

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