kde-qt will move from gitorious and end of life for kde-developers

Tom Albers toma at kde.org
Tue Jan 18 19:33:36 GMT 2011


As announced last month, kdelibs and kdebase will move real soon now to git (this weekend?). At the same time kdelibs moves to git, sysadmin will also move kde-qt[1] from gitorious to git.kde.org. You would need to fix your setup anyway, so doing that for both at the same time makes sense. This will be the only announcement about this.

At the same time we will also remove the kde-developers group from gitorious. The remaining KDE projects *have* to migrate to git.kde.org before that. More specific, as far as we know this is about: silk, owncloud and direction (that one abandoned?). They are free to continue on gitorious of course, but without the kde-developers group, which gives most of access to those repo's. We've tried to approach all of them without success in the past.



[1] http://qt.gitorious.org/+kde-developers/qt/kde-qt
Tom Albers
KDE Sysadmin

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